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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 How to create custome CSV file for products import using Data Migration Framework (MDF). Dynamics AX 2012 How to import items master data using Data Migration Framework

Note: Microsoft has launched new enhanced framework named "Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Data Import/Export Framework" as replacement of Data Migration Framework. Please check details at Technet.

Purpose: Purpose of this post is to show how to create a new CSV file to use for Products Import using DMF. DMF ships with default template of item to help user as well, but we will see how to create our custom CSV file for items import. The same process is used to prepare custom file for any entity.

1. Data Migration Framework installed and running on the computer
2. Basic understanding of navigating Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
3. Basic understanding of AX 2012 table fields


1. Navigate to Data Migration Framework->Processing Group

2. Press Ctrl+N or New Button to create new record, provide Group Name, Description. Press Ctrl+S to save the record and Entities button will be enabled, I will use PIF as Name and Product Information System as description. See below screen shot

Select Entity

Select the Processing Group and click Entities button at top, it will show another screen to add entities in processing group. Select Product as entity from entities list and provide the file Source Data Format. I will use CSV as source data format. Refer to section Setup source Data Format section in my post for  Import Customers using Data Migration Framework to see how to create new Source Data Format. As soon as Source Data Format is provided Generate Source File button will be enabled. See below screen shot

 Generate Source File

Now click on Generate Source File button and a wizard will start to create the file, click on Next button, a screen will appear with a list of all products related fields. Details of the columns shown in the screen is as under:

1. Present in Source - If checked, this field will be selected to add in source file
2. Sequence - The sequence in which selected field will be placed in source file, use Up & Down buttons to change the position of field.
3. Field Name - Name of Field 
4. Mandatory - If checked, it means this is a required field to import the line item otherwise an error will be generated by DMF during import
5. Field Type - Describes the type of data required in the field being selected to import
6. Field Size - Maximum length of data, which could be imported

See below screen for field list of items

Now select required fields from the list and  click Generate Sample File. System will create the sample file, save the file at some location and populate data in the file. User can use Microsoft Excel to open the file and save it back in CSV for easy update of data.

Standard Fields to Import

Following are standard fields required for proper posting of Requisitions, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Inventory Posting, requirement may differ user to user. User can do more settings after import or before import of items.

ITEMID - The primary key
DisplayProductNumber - The number which will be displayed in items screen
EcoResProductTranslation_Name - Product Name

NAMEALIAS    -  Product Name
SEARCHNAME - Product Name, its 20 character length (NAMEALIAS, SEARCHNAME both are required to update Search Name column in Items list screen)
ITEMGROUPID  - e.g. part, medicine, etc.
InventTableModuleInvent_UnitId  - Unit in Inventory section
InventTableModulePurch_UnitId   - Unit in purchase section
BOMUnitId   - unit in BOM section 
InventTableModuleSales_UnitId   - Unit in sales section
PRODUCTSUBTYPE   - sub type of product e.g. product or product master 
PRODUCTTYPE   - item or service
EcoResStorageDimensionGroup_Name  - Storage Dimension Group ID (Required before item can be used in transactions)
EcoResTrackingDimensionGroup_Name - Tracking dimension Group ID (Required before item can be used in transactions)
EcoResProductDimensionGroup_Name   - Product Dimension Group
MODELGROUPID   - Item Model Group
DefaultOrderType   - Default order type e.g. "Purchase Order", this is also required to display items in some screens
PurchModel    -  This is "Yes/No" enum, use this to display last purchase price displayed by default in Purchase Order line item
InventTableModulePurch_OverDeliveryPct  - Over delivery %age for purchase order delivery
InventTableModulePurch_UnderDeliveryPct - Under delivery %age for purchase order delivery
CostModel - use if want to use Latest Cost Price parameter in items screen

How to Identify Field Name to import using AX form

If field name are not known, then its simple to see the field name from released products screen, I will describe how to see name of a field on Product Screen. Navigate to Product information system->Common->Released products. Select any of the product from the list and click edit, right click on any of the fields on screen and click Personalize, system will display personalization screen. At personalization screen in Properties section there is System Name section in which field name is written. 

See process to identify field name Description in General Tab of items screen. Click on an item and press edit, expand General area->Right Click on Description field and click Personalize, see below screenshot. 

It will open the personalize screen, see where field name is displayed:

Now we will see how to search field Description in field list, click on Field Name input box and write Description and click on drop down and select Contains filter, see below screenshot.

System will display the field name in the list, see below screenshot.

Mark the field name and continue your selection of further fields.

To see how to install / import data using Data Migration Framework, refer to my post Import Customers using Data Migration Framework For detailed import process.

Q & A

Update/Change Search Name after upload

To change/update search name once data is inserted, you need to import following two fields in your CSV file and run the import process again. Below are field names:


Note: If values are changed only in SearchName field and not in Namealias then Search Name won't be changed in items list, so always change values in both columns and import data again in system, don't use staging to target operation but the complete process of Get staging data and Copy Data to Target needs to be run to take changes place.

How to see error log

Error: For additional warnings or errors, please check the log

To identify the above error, click on Log Button for more details, system will display details in an error text box, see below screenshot:
Click on Log button and another screen will open with error detail, see below screenshot:



AX Version Used: AX2012 RTM
Company: CEU
Entity: Products
Data Migration Framework: Beta Version
Document Version: 1.0


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  5. Hi all...
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